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Citrine Beaded Charm Necklace

Citrine Beaded Charm Necklace

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Citrine Charm Necklace 

Citrine Beads- Citrine vibration is of happiness and joy. It’s directly connected to the solar plexus chakra. Best at boosting your personal power and self-confidence. Great at aiding you to manifest abundance and prosperity.




Dandelion- The Dandelion flower symbolizes healing from emotional and physical pain. You are rising to your highest potential, you wishes are being fulfilled by the power of belief.  


The Dandelion has the power to thrive in difficult conditions and so can you. This adornment is to remind you of who you are at the core. 


Yin/Yang- symbolizes the concept of cosmic harmony, the balance of feminine and masculine energy. BALANCE 


Onyx Heart- Black Onyx is a protection stone that shields you from negative energy. Great at calming fears and absorbing lower frequencies. 


All seeing eye hand- protective symbol that brings health, happiness and good fortune, keeps away evil and negative feelings.




Charm style may vary.


Comes in three different lengths. 


15 inches - standard choker length 


16 inches  


17 inches- 




19 inches-


20 inches-

All Beaded adornments are made to order and not refundable. Please select the correct length!

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