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Dalmatian Jasper Charm Necklace

Dalmatian Jasper Charm Necklace

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Dalmatian Jasper Beaded Charm Necklace


 Dalmation Jasper

You deserve to live a life of fulfillment. Dalmatian Jasper encourages joy and happiness to pour into your life. Tap into your inner child and be free! It's your birthright to enjoy life. When you are living a joyous life your vibration helps to uplift the frequency as a whole. 

Dalmation Jasper holds a lot of positive energy. The black spots are tourmaline which helps with blocking negative and low vibrational energies. 

 Adorn yourself in Dalmation Jasper and become aligned with your life purpose.


Dalmation Jasper -

Smiley Face- Positive energy, a reminder to stay in your light. 

Evil Eye- The evil eye is worn as an amulet that returns the negative energy directly back to its sender.

Yin/Yang- symbolizes the concept of cosmic harmony, the balance of feminine and masculine energy. BALANCE

Charm style May vary but will be very similar.


14kt gold filled closure 

hematite spacer beads 

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