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Beaded Charm Collection

Beaded adornments with charms.

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  • "I love everything about the brand, you can truly feel the energy put into each handmade item every time you wear a piece from them! I will be a customer for life!"

    Amber Coffee

  • "I have shopped with Ash&Cort for over 5 years and they have NEVER disappointed! Quality, unique, timeless jewelry that I literally wear daily! & I always get compliments! I’m always excited to see what’s next! Shop with them! 🥰🙌🏽"

    S Dot Naomi

  • “Looking for cute, quality adornments. Ash and Cort is the place to be . Hands down the best ever adornments. I haven’t gone a day without my “no bad days” necklace since I’ve received it. I get tons of compliments on it 🥰🥰🥰. Keep doing y’all thang.”

    Melody Davis