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Cobalt Blue Jade Beaded Charm Necklace

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Blue Jade Beaded Charm necklace

Blue Jade

Blue Jade brings the energy of peace and serenity. It can also assist with hearing your inner voice and making the right decisions.

THROAT CHAKRA to speak opportunities, peace and self expression into your life. The Throat chakra is the voice of the body that allows you to vocally express the energy from the other chakras. Adorn your neck with blue jade to speak your truth, set boundaries and vouch for yourself.  



Evil Eye- The evil eye is worn as an amulet that returns the negative energy directly back to its sender. 

Yin/Yang- symbolizes the concept of cosmic harmony, the balance of feminine and masculine energy. BALANCE

Hamsa- Protective symbol that brings health, happiness and good fortune, keeps away evil and negative feelings.

Howlite Heart- Absorbs negative energy and its calming qualities relieves and unburdens an overactive mind. 

Hematite accent Beads

14kt gold filled charms and Closure Clasp


Charms may vary in style but very similar.



All Beaded adornments are made to order and not refundable. Please select the correct length!