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Deep Amethyst Beaded Charm Necklace 2.0

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Amethyst 2 Beaded Charm Necklace


Amethyst Charm -

Knowledge, Awareness, Balance

Helps with practicing loving detachment with harmful thoughts. Protects against anything that might disrupts mental clarity and balance. Aids with finding and maintaining boundaries. Brings a sense of control and assertion of authority.

Smiley Face- Positive energy, a reminder to stay in your light.


Yin/Yang- symbolizes the concept of cosmic harmony, the balance of feminine and masculine energy. BALANCE


Hamsa- Protective symbol that brings health, happiness and good fortune, keeps away evil and negative feelings.


Charm style may vary. **

Comes in six different lengths.


14Kt gold filled clasps and charms.

Please select the correct length!