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RESTOCKED Green Agate Beaded Necklace

  • $130.00

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Green Agate Charm Necklace 

Green Agate Beads- Get ready to bring in newness, balance and prosperity into your life. Green agate encourages self growth and harmony. This heart chakra crystal helps you in moving on, planting new seeds and starting new adventures. 

 8mm beads 



Yin/Yang- symbolizes the concept of cosmic harmony, the balance of feminine and masculine energy. BALANCE


All seeing eye hand- protective symbol that brings health, happiness and good fortune, keeps away evil and negative feelings.


Green Aventurine- Green Aventurine is the ultimate money manifesting stone. This stone is for prosperity, success, abundance and good luck. Keep this crystal close to bring in monetary gains and success. 


Evil Eye- The evil eye is worn as an amulet that returns the negative energy directly back to its sender.

Charm style May vary but will be very similar.

Comes in six different lengths.


15 inches - standard choker length

16 inches

17 inches

18 inches

19 inches 

20 inches 


All Beaded adornments are made to order and not refundable. Please select the correct length!