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The Power of Self-Appreciation

The Power of Self-Appreciation

We all know about Self-Love and the benefits of having a ‘Self-Care Sunday’ routine, but the talk about Self-Appreciation is a little bit deeper.  Let’s get into it. Self-Appreciation is taking Self-Love a step further. It is a completely different practice and reminds us to take a look at the wa...
Summerting, Divine Luxe Pearl Beaded Necklace,

Inspiring the Inner Child with Color Therapy Jewelry

Just imagine, it's the early 2000’s on a Saturday morning. You’ve got a box of Lucky Charms and your favorite cartoons on the tv. A combination unmatched! The girls are wearing pink Juicy tracksuits, and the boys are showin’ out with their XXL black Pro Clubs and baggy denim jeans. The energy of...